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Andrew Barovick, a graduate of Cardozo School of Law, has been practicing law in New York for nearly three decades. With a strong legal background that includes 30 tried felony cases and numerous appeals and settlements, Andrew Barovick currently focuses on social security disability, medical malpractice, and personal injury law as a partner at Alegria & Barovick LLP.

Andrew Barovick and his firm focus on making sure that their disabled clients get the benefits from the Social Security Administration that they are entitled to. Many who find themselves suddenly unable to work due to illness or injury apply for Social Security Disability benefits, and are quickly denied by the Social Security Administration. It is at this stage that Andrew Barovick steps in. He and his staff file notice of their client’s intention to appeal the denial, which prompts the Social Security Administration to provide a hearing, presided over by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), to that client. During the months in between the request for an appeal, and the holding of the hearing, Andrew Barovick and his firm work with the client to document the extent of the client’s disability, to gather all relevant medical records, and to prepare for the hearing.

By the time the hearing is held, the ALJ conducting it will have before him or her medical records and medical opinions that support the client’s claim, and Andrew Barovick will have prepared his client for testifying at the hearing. He helps his clients make the most persuasive case possible before the ALJ, and his clients appreciate that greatly.