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DinnerTable NYC
Image: dinnertable.nyc

Andrew Barovick, partner at Alegria & Barovick LLP, represents clients who have been the victims of medical malpractice. His New York-based law firm also handles property damage, personal injury, and criminal defense cases. In his free time, Andrew Barovick enjoys finding new dining options around New York City. Given the uniqueness of New York City, it is not much of a surprise that it is home to a huge array of hidden restaurants. Below are just a few of the city’s top hidden dining experiences:

Dinnertable: Capable of only accommodating about 20 guests at a time, Dinnertable is accessible through an unmarked door in The Garret East bar. The experience is rare due to the restaurant’s limited seating and reservations. However, diners who are successful in getting a seat can try numerous seafood and other dishes.

Employees Only: Located in the West Village, this cocktail bar and restaurant features Art Deco designs on the inside, complemented by framed reproductions of works from the 20s and 30s. The front part of the building consists of the bar, while guests can enjoy such dishes as bacon-wrapped lamb and truffle grilled cheese at the restaurant in the back.

Freemans: A relatively small restaurant found in a small Bowery alley, Freemans offers typical American food for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Despite its obscurity, many patrons regard the restaurant as having a homey feel, given its cozy decor and friendly staff.