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Medical malpractice lawyer Andrew Barovick completed his law degree at Yeshiva University’s Cardozo School of Law. In his years as a law student, Andrew Barovick studied nearly all aspects of the law, including consumer protection. Some of the basic consumer rights protected by law are:

1. The right to choose – Consumers are entitled to have a varied selection of products and services. These goods and services should be of reasonable quality, and sold at competitive prices.

2. The right to safety – The Consumer Product Safety Commission regulates the marketplace to ensure that all products undergo performance testing and have proper warning labels.

3. The right to be informed – Businesses are required to provide adequate information to help consumers make informed decisions. Transparency in areas such as advertising and labeling can guide consumers in making intelligent product choices.

4. The right to be heard – In cases of dissatisfaction, consumers are guaranteed the ability to voice concerns. Consumers can also seek legal assistance for just compensation over unsatisfactory services.