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Reading Buddies

Attorney Andrew Barovick handles medical malpractice and personal injury cases for his clients at Alegria & Barovick LLP. Outside of his work as an attorney, Andrew Barovick is active in community service efforts, recently volunteering as a reading buddy through JCY-Westchester Community Partners.

Working to foster youth literacy in the greater Westchester area, JCY-Westchester Community Partners is a volunteer-based organization that operates a range of programs to put books into the hands of children, including the Reading Buddies program. Reading Buddies After School brings adults and high school students to local elementary schools to serve as mentors. Reading Buddies help students with their homework and their basic math and literacy skills.

The Summer Reading Buddies program allows students to get individualized attention and support in the months when school is not in session. Volunteer mentors visit the Yonkers Riverfront Library and the Mount Vernon Public Library during the summer and help students work through summer reading lists and projects. More than 1,000 children participate in Summer Reading Buddies in New York each summer.