Grilling Fish pic
Grilling Fish

Andrew Barovick is a partner at Alegria & Barovick LLP, a New York law firm that represents clients in medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, and social security/disability cases, among others. When Andrew Barovick is not working, he enjoys grilling meat and fish.

One problem that people often encounter when grilling fish is the fillets falling apart and crumbling on the grill. Follow these three tips to keep your fish intact.

1. Keep the skin on it – If you can, purchase fish that still has the skin on it. While the skin can add a nice crunch to some cuts, you can also remove it after cooking. Leaving the skin on helps to keep the fillets together as you move them around and flip them.

2. Use a fish basket – One of the easiest ways to keep fish in one piece while grilling it is to use a fish basket. This convenient utensil holds your fish in place throughout the entire cooking process. When it comes time to cook the other side of the fish, simply flip the entire basket over rather than risking flaking or breakage while flipping.

3. Do not soak it – While marinating fish can add extra flavor, doing so also makes the fillet softer, heavier, and more prone to falling apart. Instead of soaking the fish, try drizzling olive oil or balsamic vinegar on it prior to grilling.